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5 months ago
Susanne is amazing! After countless steroid and chemical creams used to treat my son's eczema that only worked temporarily, Susanne's recommendations and herbal medicine worked wonders with keeping his eczema under control and became much more easy to manage and most importantly he is back to his happy self. Thank you Susanne you are wonderful and so knowledgeable!
- Katherine M
5 months ago
I cannot recommend Suzanne and her skills as a natural health practitioner enough. I have been seeing Suzanne for nearly a year, for a range of issues ranging from acne, IBS & parasites. Rather than simply putting a bandaid fix of each of these issues, she was very dedicated to helping me find and address the root cause. Where other doctor's and mainstream medicine had failed to help me, Suzanne was able to make findings which made a big impact on my health & reversing my symptoms, which countless other practitioners had failed to diagnose or address. Suzanne is also highly knowledgeable of not only natural medicines, but also mainstream medicine, and is certainly an expert in her field. Whilst following a natural medicine approach does take time, it is well worth working with Suzanne, as her dedicated and personal approach have truly had an impact on my health.
- Briana J
11 months ago
I can not recommend Susanne enough. She has really helped with my skin condition for a while now. I first went to her because I suffered from cystic acne around 2 years ago and she has been treating me since then. Now, I rarely experience any cystic pimples, my skin is the best its been and looks significantly healthier. Susanne is professional, friendly and extremely knowledgeable. Her treatments involve a holistic approach to ensure the underlying root cause is addressed not just the surface condition. Very happy with her treatments!
- Jessica M
Susanne is a Naturopathic Practitioner with 10 years experience who has seen some of the most complex of conditions. After working alongside Pharmacists for a number of years managing the use of complementary medicines, she has her own private clinic set in a beautiful bush setting. She has a special interest in allergies and skin health, in particular acne, eczema, and psoriasis in adults and children.

After the completion of a Bachelor of Science and Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy Susanne is currently undertaking a Post Graduate Degree in Medicines Management with professional Honours in Complementary Medicine.

Services Offered:

General and functional pathology:
Full Blood Analysis
Vitamin and mineral deficiencies
Hormone testing
Thyroid profile
Adrenal testing
Food allergens
Breath tests
Blood sugar and insulin profile

Herbal medicine - customised liquids and creams.
Nutritional medicine - non-synthetic, high absorption formulas.
Iridology - general inspection of the iris.

Conditions Treated and Managed:

Acne, eczema, psoriasis.
Allergies; food and environmental
Anxiety and Mood disorder
Arthritis:  osteo, rheumatoid, psoriatic
Children’s health
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) 
Chronic digestive problems, reflux, gastritis, ulceration.
Chronic bacterial, viral, parasitic infections
Insulin Resistance and pre-Diabetes
Pain Management
Poor liver function, fatty liver
Poor kidney function.
PMT, PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids, benign cystic breast.
Prostate health and BPH
Recurrent UTIs, cystitis
Sinusitis, hay fever.
Thrush and candida


Initial Consultation - 1-1.5 hrs:  $110

Follow-up Consultation - 30-45mins:  $69

Opening Hours

Monday & Friday: 10.30 - 6 pm
Saturdays: 10.30 - 6 pm


Whitecoat Profile and Reviews:

Patient Testimonials

Susanne has been helping me with several health issues over the past few years and has been very effective with improving my overall general health. One particular issue that is absolutely visible is a skin issue that I’ve had on my shins for quite some years.  I had some mottling which started as a tiny patch of something that looked like freckles.  Over time this expanded to cover both of my lower legs in the shin area, it was so dense in some places that it looked like dark skin patches. A GP sent me to a skin specialist, who said, “it’s a circulation issue, wear compression socks”.  This did not gel with me.  Another GP advised that, “people with thyroid issues tend to get mottling and they just have to live with it”.   Although I do have thyroid issues, this also did not sit well with me either. Susanne saw my condition and treated it with herbs, we were persistent and over quite some time we began to notice a difference.  Over the next year or two the condition continued to diminish as it does to this day.  Now I just look like I have a few random freckles. I’m only sorry that I haven’t taken before and after photos to show a dramatic difference. I’m so impressed with Susanne’s knowledge, intuition and genuine wish to help people heal and live healthier lives.  She’s a great naturopath and I simply can’t recommend her highly enough. Thank you Susanne.

(M.  Ursula, Kenthurst NSW).

I first saw Susanne in February of 2017 as a last resort to my ongoing and severe stomach pain, vomiting and eczema.
Over the years, each issue was progressively getting worse and after endless visits to specialists with no real answers, I was desperate.   Susanne worked with me for over 10 months to treat the causes of my problems prescribing a mixture of herbal medicines and other supplements to help me.  Now a year later, I finally have some answers and am able to enjoy life without any of the issues I previously had for the first time in 5 years!  I cannot thank Susanne enough for helping me. She always went above and beyond to find answers and anything that could help me in the slightest.

(EZ,  Dural NSW)

I had been struggling eith acne for wround 7 years. I tried lots of different creams and medications with little success. I visited Susanne as a last resort, and ended up with clear manageable skin. It took around 6m but Susanne was very encouraging and helpful throughout thr whole process, I couldn't recommend her and her acne treatment enough. 

(H. Bingham, Kellyville NSW)

I started seeing Susanne at Galston Naturopathic Medicine in October last year. Before my first consultation I hadn't felt myself in about 2 years I was constantly tired and fatigued. I also had many recurring issues with thrush and UTIs as well much discomfort in that area. I had many visits to different GPs and none of them could help me. Susanne has been fantastic fixing all my problems and constantly going out of her way to check up on me and organise treatment for me. 

(GN, Galston NSW)

For a long time I knew I will have to face my prostate problems from my Father's family, all my Uncles and my own Father have had surgery for prostate enlargement and radiation when the value for the PSA went too high. Last year close to September in a routine blood sample, my PSA went over 5.3 from previous 2.7, so I started to evaluate what to do, my urology specialist could not recommend a therapy for reducing the PSA or to reduce the enlargement, the only thing he suggested was to monitor the PSA and see what happens. After this I decide to make one appointment with a Naturopath, so went to see Susanne, she explain a lot to me, about relation between foods and habits with our organism, she recommend products and medications that are not easy to get, but top of the range.I started to take the medicines and in December I made my first blood test that my specialist gave me as the only resource he had to deal with my PSA, the result was impressive, my cholesterol that was high (always has been),was perfect in the normal level, the triglycerides, always high, were in the normal level too, the PSA drop to 3.4 in two months, I did not know it could drop that much in so short time. A lot of people face difficult medical challenges and asking a Naturopath as Susanne to help you is a great advantage, do not sit down and wait while monitoring what your body can do by itself, see a person like Susanne, change some habits, change some foods that are not good for you and you will see results in the right direction.

(HL, Kellyville NSW)

I have been seeing Susanne since November 2015, as I was experiencing a number of ailments in relation to my gastrointestinal health. I was first diagnosed with IBS several years ago, which I hated, but easily managed, but for most of 2015 I struggled with constant reflux, bloating, nausea and fatigue, getting worse as the months rolled by. Of course I saw a number of Doctors and the same response was always given - IBS.  

I knew I needed help, so I went to see Susanne - and I'll forever be grateful for my decision. From my first visit she sat and listened, then suggested I go and have an allergy test as she thought some of my symptoms led her to believe that this may be the cause - and she was right! I am now severely allergic to cows milk. Might I add, that over the course of many years with declining gut health, not one Doctor suggested that I have an allergy test, although I had been tested for lactose in the past which was negative.

Susanne now has me on the road to recovery. She's a lovely person and certainly an expert in her field and I would highly recommend Susanne to anyone who is looking to find answers to any of their health problems.

(M. Schalk, Galston NSW)

I have been suffering from moderate acne for 3 yrs. Since I have started using Susanne's Acne Cream formulation I have seen a major difference in the appearance of my face and the overall amount of acne.
This cream reduces thr redness, swelling and pain and will get rid of a pimple in 2 days or less. The results have truly shocked me and I actually don't have to be embarrassed or shy about my skin anymore. My skin feels cleared, healthier and my pores purified.

(Blake, Galston NSW)

I was diagnosed with Fibrocystic Breast after a scan showed one large cyst in my left breast and two small cysts in my right breast. I saw Susanne who prescribed medicines for me. After a few months of taking the medicines the large cyst in my left breast had gone after a follow-up scan. My Doctor was extremely surprised. I am very happy and am continuing my treatment with Susanne. 

(F. Soltan, St. Ives NSW)

I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue, which has led me through a long journey of seeing lots of doctors in order to improve my health. I had such little success in finding doctors who were willing to give my health issues the thought and consideration needed to begin healing my body that I struggled to believe that my health would ever return to what it was before becoming unwell.

However, through the recommendation of a client of Susanne's I was able to meet her. The friend who drove me to see her was even willing to pay for the first few bottles of treatment. I began to see lasting improvements in my health. Slowly but surely my body began to be able to overcome infections without the need for antibiotics, which I had previously needed at least every month due to recurring onsets of chest and nasal infections. I am still more easily exhausted than I was before my body was struck by Glandular Fever and the resulting Chronic Fatigue that changed my life for five years. However, whilst I continue to carefully manage my energy levels I can confidently exercise weekly and complete my job without having sick days regularly, which was making me an unreliable worker.

Now even when I catch a cold or infection my body is able to overcome it quickly and without the need for antibiotics. For this reason I do recommend trying Susanne’s naturopath medicines to anyone I know who is struggling to improve their health. She has a lovely personality and is willing to listen to your perspective as she tailors her treatment to improve your health and well being.

(J Armstrong, Glenbrook NSW)

After 3 years of intestinal bloat & visits to various GP's & numerous x-rays & blood tests I was becoming increasingly frustrated & depressed with the diagnosis of diverticular disease & a prognosis of having to live with it & take various tablets with very little relief. My GP after reviewing a recent scan suggested I try peppermint oil obtainable from the pharmacy. The pharmacist suggested I discuss my issues with Susanne the Naturopath. Susanne carried out a consultation and listened intently to my problem (intestinal bloat, belching, pain under the ribs etc), she then created a record of medication that I was taking for other conditions to ensure there would be no conflict with anything she was about to prescribe & suggested that if I I was agreeable and as she was also an iridologist that she would also study my iris. To my surprise she told me I had 2 diverticular pockets (not revealed to her beforehand). If I had any doubts about Naturopaths they were pretty much dispelled at that stage. Susanne prescribed herbal medicine and a supplement to repair gastrointestinal cells & advised that I avoid certain foods, seeds, nuts & drinks that aggravate the stomach. She kept in regular contact to check on my progress, adjusting things based on my feedback. Within 2 weeks the symptoms had eased & after 6 weeks I was symptom free. From thereon the original medication was replaced by a probiotic and a vigilant observance of what I eat. I am still symptom free 18 months later.

I have referred several friends to Susanne for other issues (Fatty liver, thyroid & rheumatoid arthritis) and they have also had positive results. I have no hesitation in recommending anyone who is frustrated with symptoms that they just can't shake off to give Susanne a chance to make a difference to their health using natural medicines.

(R Beecroft, Kings Langley NSW)

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